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Hue Rain

Cyclic long necklace | 100cm | Indigo

Cyclic long necklace | 100cm | Indigo

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To renew your precious moment

Made-to-order product

A natural and elegant circulation long necklace made only with silk thread without using metal fittings.

The knots are asymmetrically tailored, so they show various expressions depending on the position. You can enjoy it with a simple fashion point.

* Because it is made with fine threads, please be careful about clothes that are easily caught by threads. Also, when stacking necklaces, fasteners and chains may get entangled, so please consider the material and shape.

▶︎ 動画 | お手入れ・洗う・整える

▶︎ Video | How to wash, shape fix


Wild silk thread (generated)


Circle 100cm
Total 6.2g

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