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Hue Rain

Parabola Earrings | Silver Gray

Parabola Earrings | Silver Gray

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Made-to-order product

Delicately open, high-quality genuine gold thread stud earrings.

The extra-fine genuine gold thread, which is made by hand from pure gold leaf, has the gentleness of the thread while retaining the rounded shine peculiar to pure gold, and the details of the delicate stitches that allow air to pass through do not seem to be pure gold. Draw a parabolic curve lightly. The discreet freshwater pearl in the center shines gracefully and complements the beauty of women.

The non-stressed comfort is also favored by those who like gold jewelry but are not good at heavy weight.


Silk thread (silver gray)
Freshwater pearl


Body 14mm
Freshwater pearl 4.5mm
Total 0.40g

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