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Hue Rain

Bubble earrings | Silver gray | Venetian glass

Bubble earrings | Silver gray | Venetian glass

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Made-to-order product

Hoop earrings with Venetian glass beads.

Venetian glass beads with a soft, dull, pale milky white base mixed with a soft, understated brown color. From a deep and ephemeral nuance, I named it "Foam".

Translucent beads are created by seeing through the silk thread, giving different expressions to indigo and silver-gray.

The hoop-shaped earrings have a light and elegant atmosphere that allows the wind to pass through. You can enjoy it from casual everyday use to parties and dresses.


Silk thread (silver gray)
Venetian glass beads


Body 35 x 25 mm
Circle 25 x 25 mm
Body 1.3g

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