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Hue Rain

Ecru Bird Earrings | Short

Ecru Bird Earrings | Short

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Made-to-order product

Earrings that sway like a bird with its wings spread high around its ears.

The white bird has a pure and hopeful image that gives a peaceful and gentle impression.

The wings carefully woven with silk thread have different stitch details on the front and back, which gives the bird a lively and rich appearance. Hand-knitted jewelery that suits the sun and the wind, with a healthy and natural presence that illuminates everyday life. It's so light that you can't imagine it from its large size, and you can enjoy it without stress.

An infectious disease that changed our daily lives in 2020. It was the image of a bird that came to my mind when strict restrictions on going out began. You can always fly like a bird in your chest and meet your loved ones. This bird's earrings were born with various wishes.

/ How to care for the tassel /
If the tassel has a habit of bending or being disturbed, apply steam and pick it with your fingers to stretch it cleanly. Boil water in a kettle or pot, simmer the tassel in white steam (containing water), and pick it with your fingers. You can also get the luster of silk thread, so please try it.


Silk thread (generated)


Body 60 x 32 mm
Circle 27 × 27mm
Body 0.50g

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