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Hue Rain

Threaded bracelet | Ecru | 19cm

Threaded bracelet | Ecru | 19cm

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Unique product

A bracelet with an attractive line of delicate lace knitting. It adds a delicate and elegant presence to your arm.

I met an Italian antique button with an amber-like luster in the flea market in Verona. Since the color of each button is different, it is a one-of-a-kind guide.

/ How to care for the fringe
If the fringe has a habit of bending or being disturbed, apply steam and pick it with your fingers to stretch it cleanly. Boil water in a kettle or pot, simmer the fringe in white steam (which contains water), and pick it with your fingers. You can also get the luster of silk thread, so please try it. Be careful of burns.

/ How to measure the size of your arm
Wrap something like a string around your arm and make a mark around it. It is easy to measure the length of the string with a ruler after removing it from your arm.


Silk thread (generated)
Italian antique button


15 x 190 mm
Fringe 35mm
Total 1.6g

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