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Hue Rain

Tassel earrings | Indigo

Tassel earrings | Indigo

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Made-to-order product

Knotting and squeezing, the contrast of silk thread spreading on the ends of the hair, and a simple, supple and beautiful form. Comfortable and relaxed earrings made of silk thread that is gentle on the skin and gives you a feeling of quietness and freedom.

It is surprisingly light for its size, and you can relax and enjoy the points of simple fashion and dress style.

/ How to care for the tassel
If the tassel has a habit of bending or being disturbed, apply steam and pick it with your fingers to stretch it cleanly. Boil water in a kettle or pot, simmer the tassel in white steam (containing water), and pick it with your fingers. You can also get the luster of silk thread, so please try it.


Silk thread (indigo)


Body 105mm
Body 0.55g

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