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Hue Rain

Lei earrings | Indigo

Lei earrings | Indigo

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Made-to-order product

Elegant earrings that flutter in the wind.

Crocheted leaves are connected like a "ray".
The contrast between the straight line of the 14kgf wire and the supple curve is beautiful, giving the impression of an adult with a core atmosphere and freedom.

The dignified contrast between indigo and gold is absolutely beautiful.

You can enjoy relaxing fashion, dresses, pants style accents, and accompany your party.


"Lei-" is a flower accessory that accompanies Hawaiian dances and ceremonies.
Originally it was treated as a gift to God.

And in Chichijima, the Ogasawara Islands, where I lived for about a year, Ray is a gift on the living side.
Once every 6 days, when the ship leaves the island, we hand over a hand-knitted ray to friends and benefactors on board and see it off.
The person who is sent off throws the received ray into the sea when the ship leaves the harbor.
There is a legend that once the ray reaches the island, she will be able to return to the island again.
Because encounters and farewells are overflowing in everyday life, we value the time we spend with people and give Ray with all our hearts to the end.
Living in Chichijima was like a gift that was concentrated.


Silk thread (indigo)


Body 38 x 28 mm
Body 0.4g

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