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Hue Rain

Pincushion-Pincushion | Silver Gray

Pincushion-Pincushion | Silver Gray

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Made-to-order product

When I'm doing thread work, a piece of thread will inevitably come out. It's a waste to call it lint, so I leave it without throwing it away. I wondered if I could use cute thread for something, so I used it for the cotton of the pincushion. The round dome knitted with a crochet is filled with silk and gold threads.

A small size that fits comfortably in your workplace or sewing box.

Actually, the back side is very charming. The silk thread tied in a spiral shape is very cute. Goat leather is put on the inside of the bottom to prevent the needle from penetrating.


Silk silk (silver gray)
goat leather


Total 30 x 30 x 12 mm
Total 1.48g

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