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Hue Rain

Small pearl earrings | Indigo

Small pearl earrings | Indigo

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Made-to-order product

A small earring with a lovely understated appearance, with a soft luster swaying around the ears.

The detail of the silk thread woven three-dimensionally to accompany the round freshwater pearl is a popular item with a subtle but sure presence that shows a deep and glossy expression in a simple form. is.

It fits very well with everyday casual style accents and formal wear, so you can enjoy it every day by snuggling up to a wide range of scenes.
Also for layering with your earrings.

The generated color has a gentle, pure and pure impression, and also makes your face look brighter with one tone.


Silk thread (indigo)
Freshwater pearl


Body 14 x 8 mm
Freshwater pearl 5-6mm
Body 0.31g

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